Uns Brincam, outros fazem barulho – Spicy Report



The first part of the distorted smoke-heavy tour “Uns brincam, outros fazem Barulho” happened last Friday 15th (2017, these idiots are late) at Cave45, good thing because I was craving for some fucking noise.

Shâh-mât” warmed the beggining of the night with their exotic stoner. It was the first time I saw them, not my cup of tea but I was pleasantly surprised by the way they managed to combine an arabian nights vibe with mild heavy rock. Their voice surely brought some warmth into our cold ears and hearts.

Back Alley Lobotomy” eviscerate everyone everytime they play. With the addition of another chord instrument, which caught me by surprise, their sound is better composed and much more evolved.

Not that it needed any evolution to begin with but they’re revealing to be one of Porto’s most promising bands.

Their show started kind of goofy with the vocalist trying to catch a breath between his new coordination act but soon enough they took back what was theirs and it was a slap in our face until the end.

WOW. I don’t know if it was all the shots I did but “CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE” sounded awful and just as weird as their name. Don’t get me wrong, I love noise, but this I didn’t get. It sounded wrong, the vocals had too many effects and it all just hit me as an unsalted no-fun flavour.

The gentlemen seemed to enjoy themselves being up there playing, they seemed fun and their gimmicks were cool so I give them that. But I felt so awkward I just sat back at the bar and let the music pass in front of me. The worst band I saw on Obscene Extreme was 100x better than this, sorry they didn’t convince me, but then again they probably don’t give a shit of what I think, so we’re good.

After not hearing from “Gorgasmico Pornoblastoma” this year, I could only expect good things to come. The vocalist now playing the bass instead of the guitar gave way to a more amusing performance from both him and the now guitar player, it was a nice switch. Their well executed act was fuelled by macabre and mockery in a perfect communion. The Agathocles cover was really the icing on the cake.

Mr. Mojo” packed the night with a smoke infused rock’n’roll. I had never seen them and thought a stoner band to end a grind night would result in a snoozefest, but boy was I wrong… It was groovy, dirty and at the same time danceable and enjoyable.

After all the shows, DJ Xicote was a ball. I danced my feet off to his selection of early punk music, but my short-term memory loss got the best of me (I wonder why) and I don’t remember much more.

Here’s to all of you!


Text by Spicy Girl


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