Uns brincam, outros fazem barulho – Cave 45 – Partyboy Report


Cave 45 had an amazing line up prepared for us with help from the vocalist of “Chaos Ritual” (they were playing up north the following night, sadly we didn’t make it to that show, but we’ve seen them in the past – check it here if you’re curious).

Shâh-Mât” started off the night with some classic instrumental progressive music that flowed nicely, nothing over the top…a nice chill expansive sound…Hold up, why is that girl in the red dress going to the stage? Why is she dancing and shit? Is she trippin’?

Turns out these guys have vocals and they’re fucking great. Their guitarist howled like a maniac and the enchantress in the red dress graced us with her utterly amazing voice that put everyone in a dream state.

The concert felt like it was over too quickly…we need to see more of these guys, they certainly looked like a band with potential but still a bit of growing to do.

Speaking of potential, up next was “Back Alley Lobotomy” and boy did they start the grind party with tremendous attitude!

The audience responded accordingly. The crowd and the band shared amazing energy throughout their performance. After giving us an ass raping show (just like the first band did with your brain) it felt like it finished too quickly again…but more was yet to come.

CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE” played next and if you’re wondering how that show went OR what in the name of fuck does that mean, allow us to answer both questions at the same time:

Catastrophic Blunt Force Intracranial Haemorraghe Fluid Leaking from Ruptured Eardrums! Yesssssss! Their name is an extremely apt description of what happened when they played, fuck your mother fucking ears in every possible way and then a little bit more!

A lot of people bailed almost instantly but we stayed right there in the front line, taking all that sweet ass disgusting noise to the face until the very last drop. Boy was that an experience!

Shortly after the room filled up again and “Gorgasmico Pornoblastoma” was on stage. Unlike the previous UK band who had a select group of grind connoisseurs standing around and enjoying the music, Gorgasmico erupted a packed room of drunks into a pure frenzy…Mad crazy moshing from start to finish, a spring loaded can of whoop ass marked the band’s farewell to Cave 45 and what a fucking memorable show it was.

Ending the night was the familiar sound of “Mr Mojo”, we’ve seen these fellas many times before but this one was special for several reasons. They were supposed to be one of the opening bands but the Brits wanted to play early and go to sleep early for whatever reason…so they switched places in the line-up.

Many would think putting an opening act after the main event would be a recipe for everyone to have fucked off already…However! “Mr. Mojo” had a bigger audience than the cranial fluid guys and the crowd went fucking wild for them.

A few songs into their show, the main man’s guitar stopped guitaring for some reason, no more guitar at all for him! You think they stopped playing? You think they flinched at all? FUCK NO! They played on and it was one of the best “Mr Mojo” shows I’ve seen yet! Just when I thought I’d seen these boys one too many times, they showed me and everyone else what a legitimate group they are and man did they give us a sweet performance!

As the countdown to the end comes ever closer… 😦 We lived through another unforgettable night in this beautiful basement.


Apologies to Shâh-Mât, we forgot one of the H’s in your name on the video but it would take us two hours to fix it, so fuck it.






Text and video by J.P. Alves

Photos by Diogo A.


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