Undergang – Phrenelith – Happy Farm – Derrame – Metalpoint – Partyboy Report


Time to say goodbye to another great year of music with the last show of 2017 at Metalpoint. It was a night of some good old classic death metal, opening with “Derrame”, the show started off properly, those sweet sounds flowing across the room. A very nice appetizer for the delicious feast that was to follow.

Next up was “Happy Farm”, playing with a full line up for the first time. It was really cool to see the bass player from Pestifer and a real life person drumming instead of an Ipod, the show was one of their best performances we’ve seen yet and the few people in the audience loved it from start to finish.

Phrenelith” followed… but before that, we have to say this…

When the first Danish band played, the room got completely fucking packed in an instant! There were almost ten people watching the first two bands and then suddenly, people were everywhere! Personally, that’s some grade A bullshit, the opening acts were great bands who gave us some sweet performances, they deserved a much larger audience than what they got. Getting there late, I get that, we’ve done it before, it happens sometimes. But this was just too damn noticeable, the change in numbers was too overwhelming to ignore, fucking cunts.

Moving on, It goes without saying, “Phrenelith’s” time on stage was fucking great. The death metal feast continued with rampant head banging as the Danes showered our souls with their desolate music. You could hear many among the crowd whispering after the songs that these guys were better than the main event and deserved to have more stage time and to close the show.

We think both bands were on the same level of awesome, giving us a uniquely unfiltered and raw death metal experience.

Undergang” ended the evening with another display of relentless misanthropic music. Three Danes instead of four this time which made absolutely no difference to their ear raping capabilities. Their vocalist sounded like The Undertaker when addressing the crowd, which only added to the brutality of their whole show.

Several head snappings and hair wipings later, we didn’t remember anything else and lost all recollection of what followed that night, we we’re drunk as fuck. The shows were sweet. Good night 2017.

PS: Derrame’s pictures are shitty because the photo guy was late and we had to use an android phone with a cracked lens.






Text and Video by J.P. Alves

Photography by Diogo A.


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