2017 is over and it’s time to reminisce about all the good shit that came out. Unlike other pages who have already published their top lists last month, we wanted to wait until the very end of the year for any bands who might have felt like waiting until the last second to record some new tracks.

We’re also pretty lazy…here are the top selections of our staff from last year. Just like last time, we’re going with no particular order and no genre distinction. Let’s dive in:


Mephistofeles – (((I’m Heroin)))

This album is heroin, the riffs are heroin, the rhythm of the drums…heroin. It’s a perfect doom touched groovy heroin cocktail that gets stuck in your head and makes you keep listening to it over and over. Extremely addictive, extremely good, you have been warned.


Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

Ah, yes! This is death metal poetry at its finest. Simultaneously doomy and deadly, these guys came out of nowhere and went straight to the top, no pun intended, their live performance at metalpoint was fucking amazing as well.

It’s refreshing to see that old school death metal can still be molded into exciting new forms that blast your face from different angles.


Mouth – Vortex 

This German ménage a trois plays some of the best garage-kraut-prog we’ve ever heard! Not that we’ve heard a lot of this kind of music, that’s just how they describe their sound…

Regardless, Mouth’s Vortex is an amazing experience, great for chilling with a joint, great for sex and definitely something that should make an appearance at SONICBLAST (are you reading this garboyl lives?) or Woodrock Festival.


The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy

A masterpiece about a masterpiece, this album revolves around the classic Lovecraft tale “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” and beautifully captures the insanity of the Cthulhu mythos in black metal form.

The horror, the suspense, the unfathomable depths of depraved lunacy can be heard here amongst the terrible outbursts of violence and the sweet ominous lullabies that are entwined within each song.

(In case you are not an obscure kvlt motherfucker, EOD stands for Esoteric Order of Dagon.)


Akercocke – Renaissance in Extremis

If any of you read our report on SWR XX this year, then you know how much of a raging hard boner we get for Akercocke…Very ridiculously hard. Obviously this amazing gem was going to be on this list.

Renaissance in Extremis couldn’t have had a better name…after ten years of silence, these beautiful bastards are reborn from the ashes like a mighty extreme metal Fenix. It is depravedly divine.


Dodsrit – Dodsrit 

Four songs? One album? Thirty minutes? Fuck! I can’t believe there is only so much of Dodsrit to go around, this album is so ass kicking wicked and makes you cry with emotions at the same time. So much yes! Dodsrit, please make more music, and we aren’t just saying this because the first half of your name is also our initials. You guys are the future.


Fm Attack – Stellar 

Early in the year, the song “Sleepless nights” got stuck in my head. After that I lost track of what FM Attack were doing until September when they released “Stellar”. So simple and elegant, this album is beautifully woven to make you sit back and relax with the smooth sounds of the 80’s.


Nightbringer – Terra Damnata

This album doesn’t even wait for you to figure out what the fuck is going on, it hangs you by your feet and screams black metal depravities in your face as soon as you start listening. An insidious journey through hell that takes turns between dragging you slowly across spikes and throwing you onto a rotisserie over raging flames.


Acid Mammoth – Acid Mammoth

This corrosive beast emerged from Greece with a self-titled album so heavy that we had to shit sideways for a week. High caliber ritualistic doom of the finest quality can be heard here, from the first riff to the last echo, this record will take hold of your neck and slowly bang it to dust. Another band on the list which should get their asses to SONICBLAST or even Barroselas. (Are you bastards reading this? You better be).


Marhtyrium – Beyond the Thresholds 

Look at that fucking awesome cover. Do you see the big black hole? Listening to this album feels like falling through that hole, filled with delicious raw black metal madness. Are you a bad enough metalhead to cross this threshold of satanic overloads? This record is amazing and props to Blac for being beautiful. No regrets, easy top.


Lazerhawk – Dreamrider

Another giant name when it comes to Synthwave, Lazerhawk surprised everyone with this album. Personally, I looked at that album cover and expected something fast and energetic, but this was far from it. The album is incredibly peaceful, you won’t find anything like “Pedal to the Metal” or “Overdrive” in here. Pop it into your car and go for a relaxing drive as you ponder reality with this soothing gem embracing your ears.


Cenotaph – Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions 

From the depths of your favorite country named after a delicious bird, Cenotaph, the most brutal Turkish band out there unleash their first album after a 4 year hiatus and what a fucking album it is! Considered by many in the Brutal Death metal scene to be THE album of the year “Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions” is indeed a worthy comeback that feels like a 50 ton cinder block right to the jaw.


Insalubrity – Insalubrity 

The death metal kings of Ecuador surprised everyone with their face tearing EP in 2017, if the pingy snare isnt enough to make you want to go on a killing spree, then maybe the sickening vocals will be just enough to convince you to hang your annoying neighbors dog by the balls right on his front door. The self titled release could only be overshadowed by cenotaph, who delivered a full length release, while the Ecuadorian group just left us asking for more (8 fucking minutes? and we thought Dodsrit was too short).

Also, these guys are so fucking undergound, this was the biggest picture we could find of their EP on the web.


Dav Dralleon – Depths

Unlike the other synth records on this list, Dav Dralleon does not hold your hand tenderly while walking through the rain. He stalks you relentlessly from the shadows and when he finds you, he will make your depths HIS depths! This work is really brutal and dark, even for synthwave, it shakes you to the core.


Porky Vagina – Astroshcwein

This experimental grindcore piece of gold is a fucking riot from start to finish. What could be better than pigs in space? Motherfucking pigs in space playing grindcore and disco music at the same time (not forgetting all the other crazy shit going on here, but we won’t spoil it for you).


Telekinetic Yeti – Abominable

It’s rare when a two-piece band sounds as heavy as a sledgehammer chromatically bludgeoning away at the balls of the abominable Beast as Telekinetic Yeti’s debut. Nighly half of the album is an inventive yet familiar foray into the tried and true (and “same-ish”) stoner/doom formula, complete with catchy riffs (stoned and feathered, for good measure) and spacey voyages (OH COLOSSUS!), with plenty doom and gloom in-between and after. Stupidly good debut from a band that promises to make stoner more inventive and overarching in its instrumentality, even if only slightly.


Thantifaxath – Void masquerading as matter 

It’s been three years, three long painful years since that beautiful, earsplitting Sacred White Noise…Still, all we get are three songs (the last one is more of an outro) in the form of an EP.

That’s more than enough to put this up on the list, Thantifaxath’s sound is unique in its maddening meticulousness and “Void Masquerading as Matter” is an astonishing example of this.


Psudoku – Deep Space Psudokument

Do you like wild schizophrenic music that is extremely random and well put at the same time? Oh boy, we sure do! This grind delight goes in every direction of the musical scale, usually the one you least expect it to, leaving your jaw on the floor, your eyelids wide open and your ears bleeding with pleasure.

We also highly recommend everything else with the name Psudoku on it.


Timestalker – Pandemonium

At the nucleus of this chaotic crowd, Timestalker succeeded in giving birth to something Volkor X mastered. I can say once again that the Swiss synth dude is getting pretty good at this, and that makes us happy, for we need our music when we’re driving to gigs.

Now for the serious shit: Dimi Kaye’s 80’s soundish guitar is truly nostalgic; with the Pandemonium track being feelingly insane. We get a soundly darker album with heavier beats and some mystical touchy feely all around.

We want to see this holey mofo get to the top, specially now that his EP got out through Electronic Purification Records limited to 200 copies.


Xanthochroid – of Erthe and Axen act I & II 

Call me a sissy all you want but in 2017 the most inspiring and beautiful sounding 2 part album was released. “Of Erthe & Axen Act I” and “Of Erthe & Axen Act II” are simply awe inspiring.

The heavily Warcraft influenced band tell us a compeling yet tragic story about 2 lovers and their adventures and hardships in the world of Azeroth, the world famous fantasy universe created by Blizzard, and since here on DOD we are all a bunch of big fat nerds (or atleast some of us) we couldn´t simply not love such a musical masterpiece. Be it the more fantasy heavy folkish tunes or the straight forward blast heavy black metal tracks, it makes us truly feel like we are going on the trip of our lives.


Thanks for reading our second yearly top fellas, the portuguese version will come out next week and after that…well, you know.


Text by Drunk on Drugs Staff:


Angry Jonny

Flama Jiberish

Paco Neves

J.P. Alves



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