O Bom, o Mau e o Azevedo – Greengo – Woodstock 69 – Partyboy Report


This report is an attempt to convey the experience through the shortest text possible, maximum summarization overdrive engaged.

And we should cut to the chase instead of dragging this overtly long and slightly unnecessary explanation, but we thought you might want some context first, and life is more often than not brimming with unnecessity, so grow some fur on your privates.

Last rock party of the year, round one: “O Bom, o mau e o azevedo”, great show, great music, fun all around, yes! We’ve seen it before, check how it was.

Round two: “Greengo”, a massive surprise, did not think the show was gonna rock this hard, we got hard ourselves without boner enhancements. Terrific mix of extreme and mellow, works perfectly fine.

Props to Woodstock 69 for being affordable and spacey. Also, some people are calling your Bar Woodrock instead.

Here is the video, we know it’s still from last year but give us a break, no other webzine takes up drinking and heavy drug use as a lifestyle.

Text by J.P. Alves

Video by Inês Oliveira


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