11 Best Concerts of 2017


Back in 2016, we had started our little business in the middle of the year, right at the end of Festival season. Making this top with half a year seemed dumb, so we didn’t.

2017 was a full DOD Party year for the first time, meaning we can bring you our first ever top 11 concertss of the year!

Our funding is low, we did not travel very far, so the top will not leave the country…this time.


La Hija Del Carroñero – SWR Barroselas Metalfest XX

Yes, a lot of shit on this top came straight from SWR XX, really hard to go around that.

Starting with these beautifully raw spanish fuckers who tore our faces off before anyone else on the first day of SWR. Nothing on the third stage impressed us so vividly as these guys, we’ve been longing for their return ever since.

Metalpoint is waiting for you.

Original Report.


Akercocke – SWR Barroselas Metalfest XX

This one just takes the fucking cake, sorry everyone else’s efforts, our hearts belong to Jason Mendonça and his classy satanic boob entourage.

We’ve been waiting for their return for years and seeing this dream cum true (yeah, you read correct) was one of those moments when we could have died right after without a single fuck given.

Original Report.


Oranssi Pazuzu – SWR Barroselas Metalfest XX

Although short and with a lot of the bands material left at home, this show was an intense psychedelic journey into a strange black metal realm. It’s one of those concerts that are hard to explain to someone else, you had to be there to fathom how exquisite it was.

Original Report.


Toxic Shock – Sonicblast Pool

When these belgian fuckers started tearing the grass off Soniblas’ts pool stage, we knew something extremely fucking memorable was about to go down.

Fortunately for you, this show was extremely well documented for some reason. There’s plenty of videos and pictures to help you understand how fucking intense and face shredding this shit was, right down to the moment when the vocalist flung himself face first into the pool.

Original Report.


Orange Goblin – Sonicblast Main Stage

We’ve been to all but the first two editions of Sonicblast, we’ve seen a lot on that stage but we’ve never seen it explode as much as when Orange Goblin came around.

The mosh pit was so lit and intense, I can hardly believe those people were stoned, but they certainly were. The crowd moved as a single organism, ejaculating to the bands classic tunes, reminding everyone why Orange Goblin are kings.

Original Report.

Perturbator – Entremuralhas

A concert that made our dicks so hard, we could hardly get our shit together to make a proper report.

Synthwave finally landed in this country and it landed as big as it gets! James Kent brought his dystopian cyberpunk madness into the heart of the castle and gave one of the most powerful shows of the year. 12/10

Original Report.

Melt Banana – Maus Habitos

This legendary Japanese duo day viewed themselves in Portugal in the most brutal way possible. Although this is our second time taking melted bananas to the face, the raw madness of their sound filled us and everyone else with joy.

Original Report.


Master – Anywhere

This one is a double feature since we saw them twice and both shows kicked our ass in the face. Take your pick of SWR or Porto Deathfest, “Master” is worthy of its name and they brought a party that is hard to match.

Original SWR Report.

Original Porto Deathfest Report.


Neige Morte – Surprise Metal(point)shot

We’re sad that WMD’s surprise metal shots have come and gone. They were really nice and unexpected and so were the bands that sometimes came to us via this shot. “Neige Morte” was a particularly delicious shot, it’s a real shame that many people don’t know this band or missed out on this show.

Note that this picture was taken by WMD.

Original Report.


Monolord – Sonicblast Main Stage

These fellas have been on our top’s before (but let’s not talk about that), now they make a comeback after making their comeback to our country. With one more album under their belt (sort of) Monolord proved to all that they can put power in doom metal and fuck you with it, hard.

Original Report.


The Atomic Bitchwax – Cave 45

It’s always good for you to see Atomic Bitchwax, this was our third time and it was as powerful and energetic as always. It helped that most of the audience was too young to have seen them last time, more excitement to be thrown around.

One of the last shows we ever saw at the one and only Cave 45 which helped us so much in life, provided shelter, music, drinks and two whole urinals in the toilet!

Original Report.

A lot more was awesome in 2017, these bands just took the cake for us, feel free to disagree as much as you want.

We’ll be back to this topic next year, probably earlier than April. Maybe.


Text by J.P. Alves


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