Immolation – Full of Hell – Monument of Misanthropy – Partyboy Report


Larvae records dropped a death metal anvil right on our nutsack this Thursday. Round two of the Atonement tour is in full swing and our turn to enjoy it is here!

We missed the first band, and for this I apologize. The pasta took longer to cook than anticipated.

In any case, “Omophagia’s” style is great! Mostly because they look like Akercocke with guns.

Greeting us upon arrival was the “Monument of Misanthropy”, a really nice brutal death act from both France and Austria.

Their concert was the start of the party to us, but everyone else was horny already from watching “Omophagia”.

Great way to kick off the night! They even included a cover from Death’s “Pull the plug”, how can we resist?

Up next was a band we’ve heard a lot about. They graced “album of the year” tops all over the world and everybody we run into tells us these guys are the next big thing.

Well…seeing is believing! Listening is also believing in this case.

Full of Hell” slipped into the stage and assaulted our ears with fast, relentless, noise infused grindcore.

A lot of people were going batshit insane in the pit. This show was quite schizophrenic and everyone seemed off their meds, especially the band.

We don’t know how many meds they didn’t take. Regardless, “Full of Hell” was certainly full of extreme grind action and attitude, fulfilling everyone’s thirst for violence. Great fucking show, fellas.

Now, for the main event. The ones which fully ignited the crowd’s expectations of getting railroaded in the ass by solid fire.

These hardcore veterans from the death metal halls of glory, did not wait a single whole second before dunking you headfirst into the flames.

Immolation” entered Hard Club, they said “Sup Porto” and immediately right after death metal filled the room, people started orgasming and squirting fire from their nipples, or other equally “squirtable” orifices.

That last part might seem slightly exaggerated, but trust me, there were orifices.

There’s a reason why people cum when you mention Immolation. They’ve been around since before we, you, your parents and grandparents, were born, you can almost taste their honed death metal skills from years of touring and blasting.

How people didn’t spontaneously combust during the show, I’ll never understand. You could see it in people’s faces, that look that they could erupt at any moment and whirlwind their panties in frantic motions of pleasure, through each thump of the drums and chug chug of the riffs.

The pit swirled beautifully until the last echo flickered out of existence.

A massive extreme metal experience right here!

So, if you see any of these bands around again, get some fucking tickets and go tear your heart and brains out in the fucking pit!



Text by J.P. Alves

Video by Bessa


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