Profanatica – Rites of Thy Degringolade – Necrobode – Metalpoint – Partyboy Report


This report is going to be special. Mostly because it’s a little different. What you are about to read took place in Porto, Metalpoint. However, the video of the event is from the show in Lisbon, at Le Baron Rouge.

Both brought to you by the good people at Nightfear records and SWR Sonic events.

Now that the ass kissing is out of the way, let’s dive into this delicious, double feature, black metal party.

Opening this blasphemous evening came the local trio “Necrobode”. Lets just say it, they were the best band of the night. Hold on, don’t lose your shit yet. Every band was good, the opening band was just better for some reason. You know how black metal works, the more underground it is, the better it sounds.“Necrobode” is just that. Raw, unfiltered, unadulterated death black goodness from the first riff to the last.

The middle of the night was upon us and it was time for the rites, the “Rites of Thy Degringolade”. A canadian black-death band with a furious attitude, they rained heresies upon the audience who could not resist the urge to bang their heads.The drummer looked like a wise old giant, sitting on his throne, getting up to proclaim the law between songs, and chilling everyone to the bone with his deathless stare.

Satan was pleased.

Always remember, there are two masters; Fear and Pain.

The main event was upon us, the american threesome of evil “Profanatica”.These guys looked seriously evil and pissed off, you could see it in the way they looked at the audience. Cold, murderous eyes, their mouths shut as if their tongues had been cut off by the drummer. He scared the shit out of everyone with just his beard. We’re pretty sure he’s the boss of the whole entourage, he spat blasphemies straight from hell and into your soul. The other two just stared, without blinking while they summoned the riffs of hell into existence. It was very effective. The audience swung their heads wildly to the profane sounds in a fervor of religious mockery.

Suddenly they left…it was over.

Dazed and lost, the audience slowly regained their awareness.

“Profanatica” came next, blew our minds, and left without acknowledging our presence too much, black metal as fuck.

The road to SWR continues.



Text by J.P Alves

Video by Marta Louro, editing by Francisco Xavier


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