Bell Witch – Oak – On the road to SWR – Partyboy Report


The road to SWR continues, this time much closer to the home of metal in this country.

In an old church, stripped of all religious decoration and abandoned by god (we didn’t fact check this, god might still be there, maybe), Doom was soon to show its face.

“Oak” opened the night, slowly but steadily, the riffage built up, from the calm depths of a lullaby to the ground shaking resonance of a storm.

We didn’t expect the sudden burst of blastbeat in the middle, but this was a most welcome surprise.

The ambience in the church was breathtaking. If god left, some other god moved in, probably one with good music taste.

The main event was “Bell Witch”, a doom duo from the states. Everything came in pairs that night, the amount of bands, the amount of people in each band, there must be a conspiracy going on here.

So “Bell Witch” start playing. The first riffs of “Mirror Reaper” echoe slowly within the church.

The sound was low and with big intervals in-between chords, you could hear everyone inside chatting, almost as if the music was the background, not the event itself.

Everyone seemed unphased by the start of the show, it sounded more like we were in a bar and there just so happened to be live music at the time.

But then… holy fucking shitballs!

At 23:40, on saturday the 24th of march, you MUST have heard something, I don’t care where you were at the time. You MUST have heard or felt something.

When “Bell Witch” hit the first proper, heavy, doom riff… JESUS, help my eardrums.

We shit you not, that got so fucking heavy, so fucking suddenly, it grabbed your attention so fully, it shook your body FUCKING literally!

It also hurt your ears at some point, if you want heavy shit, your ears will bleed for real.

A lot of people started getting the fuck out at this point, the pain was real fellas. You think we’re fucking joking, you think we’re just selling you the band or trying to be funny, we’re not!

The sound was so heavy it literally hurt your ears and made your bones and body vibrate, sonic power at full force.

Some vague, black and white images were being projected behind them, which built the mood up nicely and held your eyes at attention. Just in case the bleeding ears and trembling legs weren’t enough to capture your senses.

They entranced the audience, the ones too weak to handle being deaf for a week were few, so the church was still packed.

Sadly, they did not play Mirror Reaper in its entirety. They didn’t even play for a full hour, but damn… we felt every millisecond of that hour, we felt it vividly.

Text by J.P Alves

Video by Bessa


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