SWR XXI DAY 2 – Partyboy Report


The day started badly what with “Amputate” canceling on us. We found out about it by the vocalist of “Carnal Decay”. The band then proceeded to slam our faces on the floor for a solid 30 minutes of brutal death. Loved the song name “Shotgun Facelift”.

“Necrobode” opened the second stage, a show we accidently missed, but since they were awesome the first time, they were probably awesome here too. We think it’s safe to take our word for it. We also heard it from people who didn’t miss ‘em that this was the case, so, yeah.

Spanish grindcore exploded the main stage open. There’s just something magical about Spanish grind. If perchance you know of any Spanish grind bands that suck, let us know, we haven’t heard of them.

Looking For an Answer” gave a whole new meaning to the saying “the journey is more important than the destination”, because it was way more fun to spend time banging our heads and looking for answers than it was saying goodbye to the band. Was there any answer at all? We don’t know, but we’ll keep looking for them.

In spite of the strange name, a name which brings to mind gay deathcore bands, “Looking for an Answer” is the answer to your grindcore hunger, their live performance was more than evidence of this.

We checked the second stage, where Brazilian thrash executioner’s “Flageladör” were starting their show. As we’ve come to know over the ages, a thrash metal show is always fun and this was no exception.

Next, we missed the main stage to catch “Gaerea” playing outside. Dilemma of the day, our ass-deepest of apologies to Internment. “Gaerea” was kinky, though, some atmospheric blackness that made panties wet for miles with their big sticks.

“Process of Guilt” was dinner time because we would be staying inside for several hours afterwards.

We’ve seen some veteran bands live for the first time in recently, some which would disappoint, either because the new album isn’t as good as their back catalogue and they inevitably end up playing too many songs from it, or maybe playing so many shows makes them not care anymore. It might be, bear with our supposition, it might be that they’re just getting old. Snide remarks aside, let’s be perfectly clear now, “Nifelheim” is not in that category. These Swedish bastards, this absofuckinglutely tour-de-force came on stage with all the satanic hellfire shooting out of their asses and raped the crowd with the wildest, most savage, black thrash we’ve ever seen in our lifetime! We have no fucking idea how old they are (the guys, not the band), but they have more energy in one spike than a lot of 19-year-olds we know. Although 19-year-olds nowadays are always dazed about or on something. Anyway, “Nifelheim” was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the top shows of the festival, if not the best. The overcrowd-surfing was a little annoying, but it didn’t matter when the Hardrock Brothers were spatting blasphemy infused thrash metal right at your face with maximum volume.

The brakes were gone now! “Malignant Tumour” painted the second stage red right after that! It was the fourth time we were seeing them, the second time on this stage, and it’s always the same filthy, raunchy, fun-as-fuck show with plenty of dirty dancing and crazy mosh pits. Throwback to Viseu Rockfest. Malignant is love.

A massive earthquake started afterwards, “Suffocation” were about to choke the air out of every soul in earshot. We’ve seen these colossal death metal veterans a few years back with Nile. They annihilated then and returned for seconds now. Although with a different line-up than we recall, there was no lack of power and violence, both in the audience and on the stage. An extremely satisfying beatdown, the kind which leaves blood protruding from every inch of your asinine face, coupled with a smile to lick it off and beg for more.

Sadly, some people get stupid in these occasions, particularly the guy who went up on stage and jumped on a little girl, fucking up her back in the process! Long story short, we have no more pictures of day 2 beyond this point, but check our video.

The second stage was closing next with plenty of blasphemies fired against the virgin Mary by local black metal boys “Filii Nigrantium Infernalium”. A nice show, these were the guys who composed the OST for “Phallucifer-The Immoral Code”, a great piece of classic cinema.

Final show inside with Belgian cocaine guzzlers “Evil Invaders”. No band had more energy than these guys, they jumped all over the place all the time, their heads a constant blur of headbanging. The crowd was as horny as them which made for a massive performance. They even played a song dedicated to Lemmy, always a great way to put asses on the move.

The night went on with Spanish black metal band “Lóstregos”, reported by us almost a year ago at the Iberian True Black Metal Fest. Another act that keeps being good even after several repeated viewings, what we wrote about them before still holds up.

The end came with previous Celtic Frost cover band “Totengott”, which were also Spanish. It shows that these guys really like Warrior’s old band, their music was a very doom sounding version of old school Celtic Frost. Very nice indeed. Our Spanish brothers never disappoint at SWR.

That’s it for day 2, check the video and photos bellow.




Text and Video by J.P. Alves

Photography by Madelaine (AKA Captain Kitty Litter)

Video editing by Inês Oliveira


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