While we’re still optimizing our album reviewing system, DOD has plans to spread more awesome bands more often with our new brutal segment, WEEKLY FIX!!!

Yes, music is our drug and we need more all the time, if you’re reading this, you suffer the same symptons. We’re going to pump you full of music every week! Starting with a filthy but entrancing trio from Louisiana called WOORMS!


WOORMS is sludgy, doomy and rings ever so nicely in our ears. There’s some punk and tasty vocals that bring The Melvins to mind. We got hooked on their hard-hitting tunes at bandcamp for a few days until it didn’t let us hear anymore.

These fellas are still at work on their first proper album (cumming on our faces as soon as possible, we hope), but some demos and singles are available at their bandcamp, so you can quench your hunger while waiting.

If you’re from Louisiana, fan-fucking-tastic for you my friend! You get to see these bastards launch a Split with New Orleans Hardcore Thrashers A HANGING! We can’t be there to witness this shit, but we are here to highly recommend it to you.


WOORMS’s part of the split, “The Math Says Yes”, is an awesome track that draws you in gently as it builds up a massive, delicious blast of fuzz sounds, the atmosphere embraces you completely, shit gets heavy around you and you don’t even notice, yet you do notice.

Your head is spasming with pleasure already and you didn’t even realize it, the voice kicks in right in your nuts as a groovy sludge begins to unzip your pants so you can get blown away by the rest of the song…and the rest of the split.

Damn, what a rush! We can hardly wait for their full release (get it?), as well as next week’s fix…

Stay tuned for more!




Official Page


Text J.P Alves


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