Prepare to get your cocks thoroughly banged and crucified by this Weekly Fix! Drunk on Drugs brings you a brutal Thai foursome, “Biomorphic Engulfment”!

With only 3:46 minutes of music so far in their debut demo “Pestilente Microparasitic Domination”, this band makes sure that you feel every millisecond of this demo in every cell of your body (we promise, next week’s fix will have more than one song available for ingestion).


From start to finish, this one song demo is an unstoppable train of furious drumming, brutal chord strumming and a cavernous growl from the goriest intestinal depths.

This band is being set loose on the public’s earholes by an extremely promising, eastern European label “Reality Fade Records”, who are responsible for other delicious bands such as Spain’s “MDMA” and Ecuadorians “Insalubrity” (the latter having a spot on our top 20 of 2017).

The master behind the mixing of this track is Ryo. No, not the ninja (that one is spelled Ryu), the talented Indonesian guy behind awesome acts like Pure Wrath, Cadavoracity, Perverted Dexterity and much more.

If you like trains of unstoppable drums and thick, filthy ass guitars, then this is for you! Only maximum volume will be acceptable, so don’t bother listening to this if you can’t turn it up, you might kill someone.


Stay tuned for next week’s fix, we jumped over a week because some retards broke into our car and stole our laptop, in case you missed the update.

A toast to our friend Pinto from Logotomy Designs for pointing us in the way of Biomorphic Engulfment and this WEEKLY FIX!



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Text by J.P. Alves




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