This Weekly Fix comes from the lands of fine wine and quick surrendering, France! If you think the french are behind on making music really weird and fun at the same time, you need to do some research, this country is on a Japan level of freaky.

Although our featured attraction is not the strangest act to spew from France, it certainly is a band you should have in your life, like that one girl who lets you do anal, you can never part with that one.


Trepalium make the grooviest death metal this side of the hemisphere, with a blend of voodoo and jazzy rhythms that swirls perfectly in your mind.

Unlike our previous Weekly Fixes, Trepalium have four full length albums for you to munch on as well as a few early demos, they even have some tunes with the guys from Gojira, in case you are into that.

Last we heard of these scary, sexy french dudes was their brutally groove filled EP “Voodoo Moonshine” which is already four years old. This is too long without Trepalium.

We also hear they are working on some new shit which is music to our ears! Well, it will be eventually. They seem to have changed vocalist though, this didn’t work out very nicely for other bands, but we shall see!

We leave you with one of Trepalium’s greatest tunes (to us at least), so good that it makes the rest of their repertoire sound stale by comparison, but trust us, this is a massive band, still waiting for them to come to Portugal.






Text by J.P. Alves


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