Burney Relief – Hüll – Casa do Vinho – Partyboy Report


At long last, our buddies from the cock lands up north are releasing their first album! We travelled to Barcelos to witness this shit first hand.

Finally! These bastards are throwing a concert in which you can go home afterward and actually listen to the fucking band! YES!

The event went down at Casa do Vinho (that’s house of wine, OF COURSE we showed up) a sweet, rustic looking place in good shape compared to most concert venues. Some wacky and appealing artworks were scattered through the halls and the unisex toilet was almost as big as the main stage.

A lovely spot for music and “Hüll” started the party with force. Packed with energy, these three guys played their tunes with passion and the few already there can attest to their massive presence.

We have no idea how many concerts are under their belt, but they certainly showcased experience.

The party culminated with Burney’s release of their “Burney Relief” album. About fucking time fellas!

When “Burney Relief” started to lay down their thrash stoner goodness, the room was already packed with people who were certainly not giving a fuck about how sore their necks would be in the morning.

It’s amazing to finally see these guys unload themselves upon the public in physical form.

Technically smoking was not allowed inside, but the room got so full and so excited that a few minutes later, the high fog rolled in to mingle amongst the headbanging mass of people.

This was without a doubt, the best Burney Show we’ve seen yet! Yes, Sound Violence was great, their shows at Metalpoint, Cave 45 and Porto Rio were also great, but then there was no music to buy or listen outside the stage.

“Burney Relief” blue balled the audience for a few years, now finally we experience their full RELEASE upon our faces and it was all kinds of fucking awesome.

Sonicblast, you better be reading this, these guys belong in your festival.


Text by J.P Alves

Video by J.P Alves and Inês Oliveira


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