Barros first show ever – Company Event Concept – Partyboy Report


We came to party for the first time at a town with one of the funniest names ever, Trofa!

After getting lost a bunch of times because the GPS was acting slow and dumb, we finally made it to our host’s watering hole, CompanyEventConcept.

This place was very nice and in good shape, obviously not a lot of crust punk and gorenoise bands have been here before. That would be great though.

Folks and staff were nice, the location was good. There is even a more wholesome version of Stop right next to the bar, it looked like a legit building where people live but no, bands rehearse there. What crazy shit we find out. Lyzzard were there too.

It was time to see if the band was good. Yes, although we got lost several times and made it to Trofa roughly one hour and a half late, the show itself was even later than that, beginning only after midnight, thirty minutes after midnight.

We spent the time drinking and smoking, then “Barros” came and their first show ever began.

Props to Paulo Barros for being a kickass guitar player who will shcool you all in the art of fingering, you dirty weebs.

That being said, the overall music didn’t tickle our balls that much, the drummer was pretty good as was the bassist.

However, we can’t shake the feeling that this whole endeavour would be a lot more fun as an instrumental act.

That’s our opinion anyway, clearly not the only opinion since the house was packed with excited headbangers from all ages (seriously all ages).

We’d sell our sweet asses to have a place like Company Event Concept near home. I almost threw up in disgust this past saturday when I passed old Cave 45, now turned into the most bland and hipstery restaurant/hotel/bar/buttsniffing parlor like a thousand more that have been popping up all over the city.

If the city doesn’t welcome us, we’ll just fuck off somewhere else and party in Trofaville.

We might even start organizing our own shows in the backyard.



Text and video by J.P. Alves

Photos by Margarida Veiga


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