Merda -Repressão Caótica – Jarda – Dumbowax – Woodstock 69 – Partyboy Report


“In case you don’t know, we got robbed a few weeks ago, assholes broke into our car and jacked out laptop. This is the report that suffered most from this, Dumbowax’s first show, Repressão Caotica’s epic improv session and Merda’s massive pit, all that footage was in that computer…so enjoy reading…”

Get ready for a fistful of rock, punk and violence at one of Porto’s last hopes for extreme live music, Woodstock 69.

The night began with “Dumbowax” who played for the first time ever. One drummer, one bass player and a lot of rocking. Wouldn’t have guessed this was a first show. Felt like these guys are used to the stage and the music.

Up next came “Jarda” with some sexy, arousing thrash fused with stoner and other things we weren’t quite able to identify. It was kinda confusing and messed up at first, although with plenty of energy and power from the band.

We later learned that only the audience heard anything, the sound guys seems to have cut their sound balls in half.

Fortunately, the band said FUCK IT, they wanted to play for us and so they did. The second part of the show was even more sexy with the music sounding better since the band stopped being confused or caring that they didn’t hear themselves.

They wrapped things up with a nice jam session that left the audience hungry for more. This was “Jarda’s” third show, chances are that this will get even better with time. You probably don’t remember the first show because they picked the worst date in the world, SWR( but not at SWR).

Repressão Caótica” came next and you know what that means! We really hope nobody fucking dies this time around.

The show started great but something had to fucking die as soon as we began enjoying ourselves. This time, however, it wasn’t people but something far more important, the chords!

That’s right, the guitar player exploded his guitar strings with crust force so we had to hang around while the drummer layed down a rhythm and the vocalist made some improv.

It was great improv I must say, caught our interest, kept us from leaving, made the crowd laugh and amped up the excitement for the rest of the show!

When the guitar was ready, the audience was on the verge of massive ejaculations. This hype was on point, the band kicked our asses for a while longer and we loved every second of it.

Sadly the chords broke again in the middle of the last song, it was sad but still an amazing show. If it had sucked, we’d be relieved that the chords died.

We still want our Fiat 500.

Lastly came the Juvenile Music Band Merda from Brazil! You there who don’t know Portuguese, merda means Shit! Yeah, I know there’s a band called Black Shit thats very famous and not a joke band at all, fifth graders laugh their asses off when we tell them this.

Anyway, “Merda” played some groovy and hilarious power violence that seemed tame at first.

At first is a key word here, after a few moments, there was rampant moshing and violence all over the place. No doubt, the biggest mosh pit we’ve seen at Woodstock 69.

How have we never heard of these guys? Amazing shit, I feel sorry for you if you missed this.

They played in Braga with Vai-te Foder the next day, I feel really sorry if you missed that too.


Text by J.P. Alves



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