Corrosion Bookings goes on Vacation – Metalpoint – Spicy Report


July 12th marked the ending of an era for Corrosion Bookings, the DIY booking “agency” which lately brought us some pretty good deals in punk and brutal music displays will take a long period of hiatus.
I wish this hiatus was better planned because for a last show you would expect an excessive indulgence in noise pleasure, but this show was pretty mild. Well, we can’t have it all and for a weekday show this wasn’t that bad.
Now straight to the point because no one likes to waste time.

URBANOISE, lame name but killer sound.
If this was their first show, I can’t wait to see their tenth. You take every iconic band from each badass genre, mix them, and you have Urbanoise. From old school black to the filthiest crust. It sounded to me like they made some pretty mistakes, but what’s noise without those, so they’re green but they’re also mean.
My only complaint is that they did a full set without UGH’s and then the last song had like 7 of them. Come on guys, I can only take so much pleasure in one song.

Next came RULES.
My inner child usually tells me that rules should be broken but these karate kids knew what they were doing and they ended up breaking us. Given that they are from Croatia I can only say that in Croatia the Rules break you and not the other way around.
They presented us with a cocktail of danceable rock’n’roll hardcore punk. It was quite enjoyable despite the Nirvana cover (yeah people, grunge days are very much over) and the cute Minor Threat rip-off.

And now I speak nothing but THE TRUTH, pun absolutely intended, I only stayed for one song. It was interesting but not intriguing enough to see the whole show. It was a been there, done that type of sound and I was kind of tired. Yeah, l know, what a shitty review, sorry.

So this was the last show brought to us by Corrosion Bookings.
Farewell Corrosion, thanks for all the heart-warming awesome shows in this cold northern city, now go and treat yourself to some spa retreat days.


Text by Spicy Girl


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