Woodrock Fest 2018 – Partyboy Report


Remember when Sonic Blast was just 10 or 15 tents in a small park in front of the church? Drunk on Drugs remembers. Those were different times, when the festival was one day long and the people barely filled the stage areas.

With Milhoes de Festa dying (sort of) and Sonic Blast replacing it as the new hipster summer festival that people go to because of the pool and not the music, things are really evolving around here.

But we’re not here to talk about Sonic Blast, in fact, we won’t be doing that again. This report is about a festival that has the potential to become something HUGE and sold out as fuck.

We returned to Woodrock Festival in Quiaios, werewolf country. If you haven’t heard of Woodrock yet, you are missing out on one of the best festivals around.

The organization is extremely welcoming, the campsite is massive and relaxing ( a lot of ants though, LOTS) and the bands blew our expectations.

If you hate lines and crowds at festivals, then this is for you. The closest tent to our own was at least 50 meters away, so the capacity for more campers is very large. Since not a lot of people know about this festival, it doesn’t get overly crowded and annoying at any time (claustrophobe friendly).

Let’s get to the best part of this report, the bands!

Day one started fucking beautifully with “Igwana”, an instrumental duo that was far too good to be an opening act.

After entrancing the audience with their sweet tunes for a while, the drummer informed everyone that the front of the stage did not bite, which prompted the most immediate flooding of people to the front line we’ve seen ever.

The guitar pedaling mixed with the drummers multi instrumental savviness, evoked a heartfelt and thunderous applause from the audience at the turn of each song.

Up front were two little kids, one of them was related to the drummer apparently, uncle I guess.

Damn kid! That’s a badass uncle. Igwana was fucking lit, check that shit, seriously, go see it live for yourself.

The second band started as we were busy getting drunk at camp. It did not sound very good from far away but that impression can be deceiving, we stumbled back to the forest stage.

Mother of fucks! Were we wrong as hell!

NU” was the best fucking band of the festival to us. It felt like Mão Morta had injected heroin and sludge metal straight in the dickhole. What a sight!

The band’s presence was intense, particularly the vocalist whose attitude is reminiscing of Repressão Caótica, he plunged into the furious pit with careless determination, spewing the lyrics with sardonic passion.

If a band can make the phrase “the sun dries the lettuce leaves” sound like the most brutal and deep words of your life, then you know there is gold here.

Last year there was no pit on the forest stage, “NU” changed that. Shit is getting better and we’re only at the second band of the festival.

However, after those two bands, we needed time to get drunk and process the awesomeness of what had just occurred. We ended up missing Riding Panico and Dreamweapon, but our photographer says it was alright.

Day two brought familiar faces with “Heavy Cross of Flowers”, a band we’ve reported with pleasure in the past. A great stoner spectacle to start the night, however we still feel like you could replace the word flowers with ANYTHING ELSE.

Next was “Earth Drive” whom we did not know. Their vocalist had a lot of spunk and energy, they had a globe on stage, no idea why but it looked pretty. It was one of those brown vintage looking ones.

The swedes “Huanastone” came next. Damn! That was one of the best stoner performances we’ve seen ever, so much energy, such fucking great songs. They were pretty nice too and went home with the second edition of DOD magazine.

If you don’t know them, check out their stuff online and remember that Drunk on Drugs report always huana stone.

Following that sexy stoner was more sexy stoner with beef.

Planet of Zeus” was a more muscular stoner with plenty of rock thrown in the mix. We got pretty drunk on that and then missed the rest. Sorry “Ecstatic Vision”, we do have pictures because our photographer was on cocaine.

Last day of Woodrock started with “Cosmic Mass”, we don’t know if it’s church related or space related. It was a nice start.

Second round was “Fast Eddie Nelson” with some sensual rock’n’roll spiced with bluegrass, psych, folk and blues. A might fiesta ensued. Playing with Eddie was legendary punk man João Sampaio from Peste & Sida.

Honestly, the cover they played from them was the worst song (not that it was bad). What I’m saying is, Fast Eddie Nelson is a great and charismatic guitar fingerer, worth your time, worth paying to see live.

After Eddie came the classic portuguese rocnk’n’roll experience with “Capitao Fantasma”, for the portuguese impaired, that means Captain Ghost. Not as amazing to us as Mão Morta was last year, but an impressive rock performance nonetheless.

Specially when you LOOK older than the guy from Pentagram. He’s not old though, just a lot of hard drugs.

Next came the HURRICANE! Imagine White Stripes but with big rock’n’roll balls, all red, no white and in spanish. Sounds fucking awesome yes?

That is “Niña Coyote eta Chico Tornado”! Yes, we couldn’t say it right the entire festival but their sound got the whole audience horny as fuck and this was before they played the Rage against the Machine cover. A tremendous rock party, tornadoes and coyotes in red, fuck yeah!

The night and the festival ended with “The Cosmic Dead”, perpetually bound by Hades to close festivals.

They always close when we’re around at least.

Anyway, they started pretty mildly, some slow paced sounds set the ambiance and made us want to sleep.

Then out of nowhere, the band erupted into action and HOLY SHITBALLS!

Out of this world, all that mood setting was just the build up for a stoner orgasms we did not see coming but hit us square in the face.

A massive way to end the festival.

Just like last year, Woodrock was a blast. The simple quiet life of a festival, great bands without retarded fanbases, no million mile line to take a shit or buy tickets, no foul smelling toilets with mountains of poop reaching toward Uranus.

A relaxing weekend, the sweet life, a beer, a joint and good music.

Keep your mainstream shitstains, your Paredes de Coura, Primavera Sounds, Sudoeste and all the other horrible fests that are actually sponsored by big companies who hate you, not fellow lovers of music.

Woodrock is life and their beach is full of rock’n’roll. Let’s hope they keep it up for many years.




Text and crappy quality video by J.P. Alves

Photography and high quality video by Diogo Azevedo

Video Editing by Nuno Quaresma


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