Yawning Man – Witch Sin – Woodstock 69 – Partyboy Report


Suck it sonicblast! We don’t need your Kadavar’s or your Earthlesses or your Colour Haze’s! Yawning Man is the tits! The psychedelic, desert stoner rock tits!

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, let’s calm down for a bit and go one step at a time.

This 9/11, we headed to Woodstock 69 to report on two bands. We got this gig due to a 9/11 joke, so don’t discard 9/11 jokes out of your life.

Opening band was “Wich Sin” from Mirandela, a very beautiful town in fact! Is the band as beautiful as the city you ask?

Quite so! Their first single came out a few weeks ago (more like a month ago) a nice power trio of stoner fuzz that was great at setting the mood for the main event. We’ll see them again in less than a week at Outeiro Metal fest.

Did we tell you that it was HOT AS BAAAALLLS???

Yes, Woodstock 69 always succeed at making you feel in the middle of a 69 in progress (or several). You could feel the dragon’s breath as soon as you walked in the door.

Fortunately, the band did not give a shit! Straight from the middle of the desert in California, “Yawning Man” felt right at home in the desert heat of our local 69 bar.

As usual, the contrast between people who showed up to see the 30 year old veterans VS the people who showed up to see the opening act was very deep indeed.

We were taking a piss when it started, got there and the stage was packed with music junkies. Fuck!

Here’s what I did; since it was impossible to get any closer, hot as the desert and more of a sound band than a flashy theatrical band, I laid my ass down on the couch.

Yeah, Woodstock 69 has two big, red, comfy couches in the back. A joint in my hand, my ass rested and the best fucking tunes swimming over me, I tripped balls, it was amazing.

The best part was the vibrations from the loud music made the couch jiggle so it was like a massage bed.

Haha! Those fools upfront, dying from heat stroke while I get a full body massage with a giant fan next to my face for free to the sound of Yawning Man, this is the life.

After a while, the hot weather took its toll on the geography of the audience and it was easier to get up front to see the grandmasters of desert rock at work.

It was even more beautiful up close, they launched into “Ghost Beach” at that moment and it was majestic. Their songs flowed so nicely, true experience at its finest. It tastes even better when we’ve been blue balled by this band since 2015, when they cancelled on us at the deceased Reverence Fest.

The wait was worth it, we’ve been to five, yes FIVE editions of Sonicblast, two Reverences and more Milhoes de Festa than we’re proud of. This leaves out all the thousands of bands we’ve seen elsewhere playing this genre.

In all these years, never have we come across such deliciousness in sonic, desert stoner psychedelia. Many come close, just barely, but the competition is cute at best.

“Yawning Man” started it all, smoking a joint today would never be the same without their unique style and sound.

It was a bit sad that they didn’t play Rock formations, but that just gives us the urge to see them again, in case our sound boner wasn’t hard enough for them already.

Woodstock 69, you’re bringin a lot of good stuff this way, keep up the good work, we’ll start a crowdfunding campaign to get you some AC. Then you guys can bring some frosty black metal bands.

Enjoy the sexy video and photos of the event, Outeiro Metal Fest report coming this week.




Text and video editing by JP Alves

Photo and Video by Diogo Azevedo


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