Outeiro Metal Fest, First Edition – Partyboy Report


Drunk on drugs travelled far to witness the miracle of birth for the first time. No! Not small persons being squeezed out of vaginas, you perverts.

Nope, we went to see a festival being born, the first edition of Outeiro Metal fest, so far out in the mountains that it was almost Spain.

The stage was on one of those rural football fields that wasn’t being used for anything as far as we know, so the locals put it to good use and made a fucking festival! That’s right! The stage you saw was assembled by a few people in two days and most of the ingredients were trapped in an overgrown thicket of thorns and bullshit.

As we arrived, “Vurdalak” was about to begin. They played a very personal instrumental sound with some stoner, sometimes black, sometimes things we don’t know. A nice start for the festival to squeeze itself into history.

Things were about to get a lot heavier next with “Nematomorphos”, or at least they would be if the audience wasn’t so inclined to stay clustered to the bar.

Not that the band cared about that, they were here to PARTY and PARTY they did, with or without the audience!

The vocalist was excited and spirited, the fact that we and two other guys were the only part of the audience up front and enjoying their heavy music, did not affect them in the slightest.

“Nematomorphos” played their sexy death/thrash, had a lot of fun doing it and everyone else who didn’t have fun can suck dicks. The beer won’t run out if you step away from the bar for 5 minutes. They even played a Black Sabbath cover, Symptom of the Universe, fucking nice!

Not bad for a band with half a year of existance.

After that it was dinner time. We got to the food stand which sold kick ass steaks in a hot bun. We waited for a while, gettin drunk, killing time before the organization showed its face on stage.

Ruina” came next with the darkest, most substantially depressive sound of the festival. The audience was three times as thick now and they responded in mass to the band.

Somber riffs, doomy drums, ominous saxophones and a vocalist that didn’t hold back anything.

Seriously, even when the mic broke down in the second track, he kept singing without it and HE PULLED IT OFF!

I repeat, the vocalist pulled it off without a microphone, he did not need a microphone. His voice was fucking…POWERFULL!

Barefooted and ragged, along with his entourage of tenebrous musicians, “Ruina” gave a massive performance that we did not see coming. Entrancing suicidal music, even had some unexpected blastbeat by the end that left our dicks hard for more.

The vocalist told a really good joke at the end but we’re not telling you. Really should have been there.

Next and for the second time this week, sensual stoner from the town of Mirandela, “Witch Sin”, their music as beautiful as the town itself. Stoner metal with a chill vibe, groovy riifs and more fuzz than the pussy on a 1970’s porn star.

The final band was “Sotz” who played a great opening show at Laurus Nobilis Music Fest’s second day.

They kicked even more ass this time around. The vocalist, as usual, is a total animal on stage and in your face when he decides to go start the pit himself.

There was a more proper pit during their show, even the first ever Wall of Death at Outeiro Metal Fest. Sotz is no doubt a muscular band that doesn’t hold back.

Props to the drummer who learned all their songs in a few days before the fest. This meant that they had to repeat the first song when the crowd screamed for more music.

What a great place, great bands, great everything. It’s amazing how many long running festivals, with several editions under their belt, can still do a lot of things worse than this one during the first edition.

The camping site was actually better than many festivals, with shade 24/7, it was also smaller than the stage but DETAILS!

We are excited to see how Outeiro Metal fest grows up, until then enjoy our video of the first ever edition of this awesome festival.



Text and video by JP Alves

Video editing by Quaresma


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