BUTCHERING EUROPE 2019 – Metalpoint

Good size dick


Drunk on Drugs returns to Metalpoint to witness Larvae Records and XXXapada na Tromba engaging in Jolly Cooperation! A delicious three-way of death, grind and slams awaited us but unfortunately I was late.

Hugh Dick: You didn’t miss much.

PB: Are you always going to be here now?

HD: Yes, it’s easier for me.

PB: Anyway…

I managed to miss the first band which I really did not want to. “Aischrolatry” were fucking great back in Porto Death Fest and everyone told me they were even better this time! Fuck me.

HD: They’re wrong, it was gay.

PB: Shut your face Dick. The second band was also great and also witnessed by us back in SWR XXI. Placenta Powerfist” slammed the audience really hard on the floor which is what you do when you have a Powerfist.

HD: I thought there was a chick in there somewhere.

PB: You’re thinking of Carnal Decay, they played the same year at SWR, completely different band.

HD: All this crap sounds alike. Why do I have to look at their sweaty nipples? I miss Eros.

PB: The main event of the night was an Indian band called “Gutslit”.

HD: Did they shit on the stage? That’s what we’re all thinking.

PB: They did not…

HD: I bet they did after we left.

PB: The only thing that came out of Gutslit’s assholes was a tremendous earthquake of brutal death slams that made the audience spin like a carousel. What a sick performance.

HD: It was sikh alright. Get it?

PB: We got treated to a wall of death, an extra song at the end and a cover of the classic Dying Fetus song “Kill your mother, rape your dog”.

HD: Sikh bro!

PB: It’s not that funny. Why don’t you say something nice for a change? This was the first time we saw a band from India. They came a long way to party with us.

HD: Yeah, because the streets smell like fresh turds back home.

PB: And our fair city doesn’t smell like pee? Be nice and you will get some vodka.

HD: Uh…well…they didn’t smell like curry.

PB: I suppose that’s the best you got.

HD: I know you don’t have that much vodka on hand.

PB: I do, you just don’t know where it is.

HD: Oh, I know where it is…

PB: Anyway, see you next time when we report the latest edition of Laurus Nobilis!



Text by Partyboy and Hugh Dick


Good size PB

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