Welcome to the Drunk on Drugs report, where we dedicate our useless time drunkenly reflecting and pondering on your shit, as we are in the business of promoting it. Be it a festival, a regular show or a piece of music you squirted out, we will get high, grab some beer and get expressing our opinions on your music and live performances.

We must however, insist that you don’t take any of what you read here too seriously, because we don’t either. If you are expecting a professional, by the book, clean, objective news report, go park your eyeholes somewhere else, this is a more relaxed, personal experience designed to spread the word of the good music and the good times when said music is heard live.

Send us your shit and we’ll give it a listen, send us invitations and we’ll go to your shows (or try very hard, since we are based in the ass end of Europe).

The idea behind this project (to those who might be wondering why we have this name which no one will take seriously) came from the very easily observable fact that most people at festivals are Drunk and/or on drugs, therefore, we want to bring you these reports from that perspective. Nothing too fancy or complicated, from the fans, to the fans, by the fans.

Enjoy yourself at our humble abode, because if that isn’t happening, what’s the fucking point?