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Partyboy is on Hiatus



Hey fellas, Partyboy here speaking on behalf of DRUNK ON DRUGS MAGAZINE!

First of all, Happy Black Friday, hope none of you died in mosh pits over TV’s and toasters.

Secondly, as you might have not noticed, DOD has been quiet lately, this is no random occurrence or deep procrastination.

Unfortunately, I have started official training to be a bartender and will be unable to continue reporting the various awesome shows that happen all the time, above ground as underground.

HOWEVER! Fear not, DOD will not be completely gone from the map since all operations will be left in the hands of my coleague, Hugh Dick!

We have no idea if he plans on doing anything at all, he is prone to extreme couch napping and prolonged masturbation. So I guess we’ll find out…


I can confirm to you that the following IS DEFINITELY on our agenda and will HAPPEN!! This includes but is not limited to:

-Our fifth edition of DOD Magazine, to be released in January at the disgustingly adorable XXXAPADA NA TROMBA!!!

-A report of that same festival by us, when I will make a brief return and most likely serve you some drinks.

Enjoy your rest of 2018 and remember, I forgot where I was going with this but you don’t have to ❤


See you next year